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6 Things You Need To Know Before Trying Latisse

With the advent of the aging process, eyelashes will begin looking thin and short than before. It is an unavoidable part of the process, but some treatments can make it look back complete and prolonged. It is not like applying mascara, again and again, every morning. Eyelash serums in the market have proven to be the best long-term solution with effective results. Latisse is the only FDA-approved option and has shown positive effects to stimulate thicker, longer, and dark lashes. If you’re looking to try Latisse, below are few things you must be aware of to make a proper decision.

Latisse For Eyelash Growth:

Latisse Treatment Roswell, GA is an FDA-approved treatment for stimulating the growth of eyelashes for people with lash growth. Latisse is proven to be effective in growing lashes that are dark, full, and longer gradually over few days. This unique lotion has to be prescribed by a specialist and used as per advice. The functional medicine in Latisse, Bimatoprost, was earlier utilized to treat glaucoma patients. When this was used over time, there were visible changes in the healthy growth of eyelashes to be complete and thicker. Hence, this treatment was approved for treating people who are looking to improve the appearance of eyelashes.

6 Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Trying Latisse:


FDA approves Latisse after researches and trials that showed an increase in the growth of eyelashes. A significant portion of people have used it without any side effects, and the number is increasing across the globe. There may be side effects in few people, including irritation in the eye or skin darkening while using this product. The majority of these side effects are due to improper application patterns. The only concern is that it is not u8ndergone trials among pregnant women and hence not suggested to be used in pregnancy. In general, if a person is in overall good health without any active eye infections, Latisse can be used without any issue. But it is better to know the eligibility by consulting a doctor and undergo a thorough eye examination.


Latisse is not a magical treatment, and it requires a daily application to induce improved results. A significant portion of patients will see positive results after using it regularly for 2 to 4 months. But if you stop using them, the lashes will go back to their original form. Hence, you must be consistent with maintaining these optimal results.


As the treatment requires 2 to 4 months to show complete results, the difference is seen gradually while applying the lotion. So, patience would be the significant factor in making the procedure a sure shot success. It has been observed that few patients will give up the treatment after few days as they do not keep any results. But the truth is you must not stop the treatment until a regular recommendation of 4 months or if experts ask you to do so. You may not find immediate results, but the patients are worth it.


This treatment will not induce faster results if you enhance the dosage or increase the frequency of application. But these activities may lead to other complications like irritation in the eye or skin in the surrounding region. Chose the correct timing in a day, either morning or evening, which is best according to your routine. Many people prefer to use it in the morning since it can be placed better than in the night, where you may tend to roll over again and again in sleep. But ensuring the correct usage, application and consistency will ensure to give you the best results. Do not rub on double dose if you have missed it for a day. Once you start seeing the results, you may reduce the application after expert advice.


Latisse is safer to be used by all people irrespective of gender and not having any active eye infections. Issues like glaucoma and allergies may put your health at risk if you start using this application. Hence, Latisse is always called prescribed medicine. There have been rumors reporting that Latisse will change the eye color of the patient. But this is misleading data as proven via extensive research. When the bimatoprost was used initially, there was discoloration of the iris. But they had been using these solutions in the eye, and Latisse does not involve application inside the eyes. It is carefully applied over lashes and never reported any color changes.


Using eyelash extensions exclusively can enhance your appearance. But they can lead to damage of natural lashes by shredding and thinning them. Latisse can be combined with a lash perm or lash lift to induce effective outcomes. Regardless of using Lattice for eyelash growth exclusively or in combination with other eyelash treatments, you will relish the results.

How to Use LATISSE?

Follow the below step-by-step directions for using Latisse without any side effects.

  1. Start by washing the face cleanly to eliminate all traces of skincare products, especially in the eye area, and remove the contact lenses if you are using them.

  2. Apply the suggested dosage (usually one drop on each side) of the product onto the sterilized applicator.

  3. Start the application by closing the eyes and swiping the product slowly onto the upper lash line. DO not rub over and over again; it is unnecessary and can lead to irritation and other adverse effects.

  4. Use a dry cloth or tissue to remove any excess solution.

  5. Follow the same process on the other eye only by using another applicator to avoid any infections.

Final Thoughts:

Latisse can provide you with thicker, full, and dark lashes when performed under expert guidance like Forma Medical Aesthetics; Our experts will craft a customized plan for every individual to have proper balance in the facial structure. The creative process is crafted with a focus on the well-being of the patients to offer safe and effective outcome.

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