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Is Kybella Permanent? 9 Things to Know Before Your Kybella Treatment

Double chin and belly pooch are unflattering, especially in photographs. Belly pooch is the main culprit when we want to wear fitted clothes, but they sprout pleasantly either on the side or in front. On the other hand, double chins are the fats that are crucial to hide that even the magic of makeup would not work most of the time. These fat issues cause insecurity and may lead us to give up on being the best version of ourselves. But with Kybella, you can bury all these worries and insecurities away! 

What is Kybella? 

Kybella is an injectable treatment that shatters fat cells under the chin (submental fat), bra bulge, belly pooch, and jowls. The Food and Drug Administration approved this injectable in 2015, which guarantees safety for patients. The Kybella has an active ingredient of manufactured deoxycholic acid, a bile acid that is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps break down and absorb body fat. 

Our body’s natural elimination and healing process typically take four to eight weeks. After this, you can slowly see a decrease in appearance and fat deposits. 

How does Kybella Work? 

As mentioned, Kybella has the substance of deoxycholic acid, which, when injected into the treatment areas, will destroy the membranes of the cells that store fat. Once these are destroyed, they can no longer function and cannot store fat. 

But for these benefits to manifest, make sure you are consulting a trained and skilled healthcare professional for an effective administration of the injection. If the Kybella injection is not accurately administered, the deoxycholic acid has the potential to kill other active cells in the patient’s body. 

How long does the Kybella procedure last?

The procedure lasts for about twenty minutes per session. Topical anesthesia, ice, or cream, the treatment area will be numbed. Your provider can give you 50 injections from a similar syringe of Kybella. 

9 Things to Know Before Kybella Treatment

If you are starting to consider Kybella to get rid of your double chin issues, here are nine things you should orient yourself first: 

  1. Kybella is a safe treatment. 

  2. Kybella is generally safe because it is FDA-approved. However, like any other facial procedure, there can be risks associated. Since it is non-surgical, it is a well-treated alternative for surgical procedures like liposuction. 

2. The treatment is effective and permanent. 

  1. In a clinical trial conducted, about 82.4% reported satisfaction and significant improvements in their appearance. Twenty studies worldwide show that 68.2% who received the Kybella testified enhancement on their double chin. Only 20% received a placebo and said that it was better. Moreover, 79 expressed their happiness with how their chin turned out after the treatment. Its effectivity is also permanent, but some fat on your chin may be visible if you gain weight. 

3. Only professionals and doctors can administer Kybella. 

  1. Only experienced and trained medical professionals like nurses, doctors, and physician’s assistants can inject Kybella into patients. In some clinics and states, they require nurses and physician’s assistants to be under the supervision of a doctor. Practitioners can also give Kybella injections. You can receive it in a medspa and cosmetic surgery offices. 

4. There can be minimal downtime. 

  1. After your Kybella injection, you can experience bruising, inflammation, swelling, pain, redness, and temporary numbing on the injection sites. The swelling will eventually dissipate a few days or weeks after the treatment. Your provider can recommend a compression garment to aid the node. 

5. The side effects are not severe. 

  1. There can be side effects, but all of these are not severe. These side effects include skin ulceration, dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing, temporary nerve injury, and a possibility of permanent or temporary beard hair loss. Typically, you can return to your daily activities and maintain your average activity level after the process. 

6. You can expect the fat cells to refuse to store fats. 

  1. Your healthcare professional should have a treatment plan designed to your expectations and specific goals. Most people need more than one treatment to achieve their desired aesthetic needs. But once the deoxycholic acid shatters the fat cells in the areas treated, the results are lasting. More treatments mean assurance of the stopping of the fat cell storing. 

7. The price for Kybella is not covered by insurance. 

  1. Kybella is known as a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. Its cost ranges between $1,200 – $1,800. However, this can change depending on your provider’s fees, the number of treatments needed, and your geographic location. 

8. There should be an initial preparation for the treatment. 

  1. In risking a Kybella procedure, your provider must check first if you are a qualified candidate for the treatment. Ensure an initial consultation, discussing your medical history and cosmetic procedure history. You should also tell them if you have swallowing and bleeding problems. In addition, it would be best to avoid taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen to prevent post-treatment bruising. 

  2. It is also significant to be informed that there are ongoing studies about the effect of Kybella on infants or fetuses, so for extra caution, let your provider know if you are planning to get pregnant shortly. 

9. Kybella’s targeted area is few. 

  1. The only FDA-approved treatment area of Kybella is the submental area or under the chin area. Sources say that trying to inject Kybella in other regions may cause harm to the patient. However, it still depends on your healthcare provider. Be wise in choosing one!

We can make your first Kybella experience your most memorable one. And choosing Forma Medical means choosing a safe clinic for you! Located in Roswell, USA, you can work hand in hand with a group of professionals to achieve a common goal of giving you the freshest state-of-the-art services in aesthetics. 

If you are ready to welcome yourself to the refreshing environment of this clinic, contact us today and reserve a spot to get rid of those unflattering fat with Kybella!

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