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Will Lash Lift Ruin Your Eye Lashes? Here, We Got It Covered


Nowadays, lash lift have become one of the most in-demand and trendiest procedures involving eyelash beautification. This procedure has revolutionized how traditional techniques in perming were before. With this innovation in aesthetics having a considerable following, the million-dollar question remains: will lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

Before we dive into this well-known trend, we will provide you with all there is to know about the famous lash lifts. Let us learn some essential facts and answer frequently asked questions about this treatment to be fully knowledgeable and equipped about this eye procedure. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss out on all the critical information. Let’s go.

Lash Lifts: What This Procedure Is

Lash lifts involve a painless process of making the eyelashes curl and lift from their tips down to their bases. Since eyelashes have their natural shape, lash lifts enhance the entire length, alter the lash body, and make them longer, curlier, and more beautiful. Forget all those mascaras advertised in different media, especially those you have used before; this procedure is the one that tops all eyelash procedures – boosting what your eyelashes need.


Find only the best eyelash therapist out there.

Successful lash lifts need an expert’s expertise who knows everything there is to know, mainly because they work around your eyes. Taking time to do research and finding eyelash therapists who are well-trained and experienced can indeed make a significant difference. With this said, doctors will assure your eye’s safety in line with a successful lash lift procedure.

Determine if you have allergic reactions toward perming solutions.

Since you are already on it, research and ask expert advice about allergic reactions you might have with perming solutions. Before having your appointment, make sure that the procedure will be safe for you with the help of a patch test. Knowing this information will avoid any potential flare-ups that might occur.

Don’t let chemicals get near your eyes.

In general, eyelash therapists are very knowledgeable about what they are doing. However, it also pays excellent in ensuring that you don’t let the perming solution get in your eyes. While the treatment is not scary, it can become harmful since it involves chemicals that you don’t want to be mishandled. It is best to know this information beforehand.

Don’t let the perming solution set for too long.

Perming solutions are advised to only be on your lashes for a maximum of 12 minutes on average. It may result in your lashes becoming brittle or snapping off if left longer. Experts will be monitoring the time but better be attentive as well, for you to be sure.

Keep your lashes waterproof for 24 hours.

As much as possible, avoid getting your lashes wet for the next 24 hours post-appointment. Your lash lift will be a waste if water gets to it since your lashes will immediately deform and drop with water. You’ll only be wasting money in the long run, so make sure your lashes will not be contacted by water for the next 24 hours.

Avoid using waterproof mascara.

After your lash lift procedure, the need to use mascara will no longer be a problem because your eyelashes will become longer, darker, and already curled perfectly. However, if you still need to do so, never use the waterproof type of mascara because it can deform your lifted lashes, eventually falling out.

Don’t touch or pick your lashes.

Resisting that urge to pick your lashes can be challenging. This negligence will only throw all the money spent for your lash lift procedure. Remember, do not pick your eyelashes just yet, even if there’s this temptation to fiddle them. Doing so may result in your lashes getting ruined and deformed after your lash lift procedure.

Helpful FAQs

Do lash lifts hurt?

  1. You may feel a bit uneasy during the procedure, but lash lifts are painless and will be requiring the closure of your eyes the entire time, keeping it safe during the whole treatment. Relax during your procedure and make the experience something memorable and worthwhile.

Is it safe to have lash lifts?

  1. Yes, in general, lash lifts are generally safe when handled by a well-trained and experienced professional. The procedure usually makes your lashes be placed onto lifting pads that are specially shaped before applying the chemicals used.

How long does a lash lift take to finish?

  1. Lash lift procedures only take roughly 45 minutes up to an hour to finish. It will only take longer if other methods are done together with your lash lift, such as tinting your eyelashes, etc. But lash lifts will be worth the wait with the results you will have later on.

Will lash lifts affect my contact lenses?

  1. Lash lifts in no way will not hinder your use of contact lenses. But you will be required to remove them in the meantime, all for your convenience, because your eyes need to be closed for the entire procedure.

Can I wash my eyes afterward?

  1. After your procedure, it is advised to wait 24 hours to make sure the effects of the process are prolonged. But if there is an urgent need to do so, use mild products gently in cleaning your eyes.

Can I apply makeup right after?

  1. You can immediately use makeup after your lash lift. But make sure your lashes are unscathed for the next 24 hours after the procedure. It is highly recommended because, in the long run, you may no longer need to use mascara after the procedure results take place.

When can I get my next lash lift?

  1. Your eyelashes naturally revert and drop evenly without looking out of place after two months since your last lash lift. The subsequent lash lift treatment you can have will be after a minimum of a month or wait for your lashes to go back to their natural form.

Lash Lift Takeaways

Lash lifts are very safe and will never ruin your eyelashes if done with utmost safety and by professional experts. But this will require a good amount of discipline in keeping and maintaining the effects of your lash lift procedure. Be in the know about the facts and know some frequently asked questions, and your path towards beautiful eyelashes through effective lash lifts will start and end very well.

If this article sparked your interest in getting your lash lift, our awesome friends from Forma Medical Aesthetics are the best in this field and will take good care of you. Go ahead and visit them now!


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