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Jessica Luevano

Jessica, Forma Medical’s lead expert skin specialist, with 12 years of medical assistant experience in plastic surgery and extensive knowledge of skin creates individualized, corrective skin care plans for her patients. She also achieved expert level ZO® Skin Health Specialist, truly an achievement!

About Jessica

As a Colombian woman, Jessica, understands and specializes in providing customized skincare
plans for patients from diverse backgrounds. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Jessica demonstrates her passion and commitment to education with three board certifications including:

-Licensed Medical Aesthetician with The Georgia State Board
-Licensed Cosmetic Laser Practitioner with The Georgia Composite Medical Board
-Certified Medical Assistant Through The American Association Of Medical Assistants

Jessica’s treatment plans focus on skin analysis to understand the root cause and symptoms of your skin conditions including:
-sun damage
-impaired barrier functions
-cellular fatigue of the skin

She structures treatments purposefully to restore, maintain, and support your skin’s needs throughout all of life’s events from hormonal teen acne to pregnancy to anti-aging.
These treatment plans can often include collaborative care with our medical director when utilizing prescription oral or topical medications, such as tretinoin, retina, or hydroquinone to treat medical conditions such as acne, melasma, or PIH – post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

“My main goal is to take the guesswork out of skin care for my patients by simplifying the process so they can get the results they want to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.”

~ Jessica Luevana

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