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Is Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe For Me? 

Our bodies lose immunity as we age; that is why we intake nutritious foods to keep our bodies immune and healthy to fight diseases every day. But no matter what we try to do, we cannot turn our health into the same as the newborn. Like oldies would say, let us enjoy our younger selves when we are strong and healthy enough to do the things we love before it is too late. According to studies, we lose ten percent of our normal hormones every decade. So to keep our hormones robust, safe, and healthy, Bio Hormone Replacement has something for us. 

What is Bio Hormone Replacement? 

Before understanding bio hormone replacement, let us first discuss what bioidentical hormones are. Bioidentical hormones are artificial and designed like your natural hormones to function the same. These artificial hormones are made for people who suffer from hormonal imbalance or those who cannot produce enough hormones naturally. 

Several people acknowledge this process as hormones are an essential part of our body. We learn in schools that we may endure some diseases if we have a hormonal imbalance. Most importantly, hormones play a massive role in our body’s messenger system and control our growth, mood, metabolism, reproduction, and sexual function. If we have fluctuating hormones in our bodies, these five aspects might be affected. According to research studies, both women and men experience low hormone levels, including weight gain, brain fog, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, acne, loss of libido, fatigue, and depression.

The Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy of BHRT is dissimilar to traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The bio hormones come in various forms, such as pills, patches, gels, topical creams, and injections. BHRT is a synthetic hormone extracted from plant estrogens that are chemically identical to the human body. 

What is the process for Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In the process of BHRT, your provider will conduct an initial consultation and health intake because this will determine the exact route of testing to evaluate and assess your hormone levels. These hormones include nutrition levels, thyroid function, neurotransmitters, sex hormones, and adrenal functions. Next, your provider will collect saliva and blood spot samples through ZRT laboratories’ home collection kits. Your provider does not opt for steroid hormones in the bloodstream that are 95-99% bound to carrier proteins, and as a result, they are unavailable to target tissues. On the other hand, saliva testing measures the amount of available hormone to target tissues or the bioavailable amount. Thus, saliva testing better relates and gives more apparent results to particular symptoms of excess or deficiency. Saliva testing is, therefore, a good option for monitoring hormone therapy.

After this, you can claim your results from your medical provider, and they will schedule you for an immediate follow-up to do reviews and design proper care for you. You are required to repeat testing 90 days after the initial therapy begins to evaluate BHRT efficiency on your body and for excellent outcomes.

What is the difference between BHRT and HRT? 

BHRT is extracted from plant sources chemically similar to the hormones your body naturally creates. Traditional HRT products, on the other hand, are derived from other synthetic hormones such as the urine of pregnant horses.

Other women choose BHRT because of its natural quality and because the doses needed are adjustable. The HRT, however, is only available in standard doses. 

Nevertheless, you still need to experiment and conduct tests to identify what suits you best. 

How does Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy affect your health? 

Before we question safety, you should know how BHRT affects your health. The Food and Drug Administration approves some bioidentical progesterone and estradiol preparations. However, they did not specifically agree on any compounded bioidentical hormones. Some sources claim that bioidentical hormones are safer than the traditional ones because this procedure creates identical hormones to our body’s natural hormones. Still, professional studies do not yet approve of this. The FDA still gives cautions in using compounded products. 

If you undergo BHRT, you may experience risks such as stroke, blood clots, heart disease, gallbladder disease, and breast cancer. Because your body is also adjusting to hormonal changes, especially in the beginning, you can also experience bloating, acne, fatigue, mood swings, increased facial hair for women, and weight gain. 

On the other hand, BHRT can also aid in several ways. As we mentioned earlier, people who opt for BHRT have low hormone levels, so using BHRT will prevent all the drawbacks of low hormone levels. The procedure is particularly most beneficial for women who are perimenopause or menopause. Increasing your hormones will improve symptoms of night sweats, mood changes, memory loss, weight gain, hot flashes, loss of sexual interest or painful sex, and sleep issues. 

Aside from this, BHRT can also decrease your risk of diabetes, cataracts, and tooth loss. Some patients testify that there have been improvements in their hydration, skin thickness, elasticity, and it can also reduce wrinkles appearance. 

BHRT has also shown effectiveness for those with cancer who have undergone treatments that affect their estrogen levels. It is also said to improve their quality of life and general well-being. According to a study, people with cancer who underwent the BHRT process found relief and comfort from their treatment-related symptoms: incontinence, migraines, insomnia, and low libido. The research study also found that their cancer recurrence rate was not higher than average.

Is Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy safe for you? 

The BHRT process is safe, especially if your provider has sufficient experience in the field. However, you also have to consider the pros and cons discussed above and weigh the final decision with your provider. After all, they are your number one guide plus your medical history because the results and effects will depend on that too. 

Since BHRT is a risky treatment, you may want to put your health on the best and most experienced hands. In Forma Medical, not only will you get the aesthetic personalized for you, but you will also receive confidence through harmony and balance between you and your physical self. 

If you are one step ahead, ready to regain your lost energy from low hormone levels, get the best of BHRT and contact the best medical spa near you!

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