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Poly Medical Led Light Therapies Roswell, GA is the newest innovation in LED light therapy. This therapy uses a variety of wavelengths for a wide array of treatment options depending on the client’s needs. Compared to traditional incision and drainage, and even diamond peel, this therapy is less painful and more effective. 

Who never wanted that smooth, flawless, and young-looking skin. Dermatologists and aestheticians innovated from soap, cream, lotion, and even operations to attain that smooth, flawless, and young-looking skin. Then there’s this Poly Medical Led Light. So you might be asking, “Is it safe?”, “Is it a complicated process?”. Well, we’ll tackle those questions as we read along with this article.

Short History of Poly Medical Light Therapies

In the early 1990s, poly light therapy was used to help grow plants in space. Scientists discovered that intense lights helped in promoting growth and photosynthesis in plant cells. Since then, they explored its potential application in medicine. They’ve also found out that it increases energy inside human cells. Researchers found out that Poly Light has a significant potential for treating slow-healing wounds, bone density issues, and muscle atrophy. 

Later on, it was found out that Poly Light Therapy can help reduce cosmetic skin issues, like acne, stretch marks, and wrinkles. What a great era to live in right now, right?

Does it work?

Many studies have had proven promising results. But the benefits of poly light therapy are still a source of controversy. However, if incorporated with medical substances that can reduce acne and blemishes, Poly Medical Light Therapies surely does the job. Anyone can say that it truly is effective. Since Poly Light Therapy has a lot of benefits based on studies, along with the addition of effective cosmetic products, it is unquestionable that it works.

Benefits of Poly Medical Light Therapy:

  1. It’s Safe!

There have been a few reports of burns and blistering from using Poly Light therapy. However, these are due to misuse and errors of the administrator and the patient. As long as you let a professional operate the therapy, you’re good to go. You can go ahead and try FormaMedical for that smooth, flawless, and young-looking skin that you’ve been longing for.

2. Promotes Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

Based on studies and research, it has been proven that Led Light Therapies promotes wound healing and repair. It is one of the big benefits of Poly Light therapy. It is also being used to heal diabetic foot ulcers.

3. Improves People’s Hair Growth with Androgenic Alopecia

What could be worse than skin wrinkles and acne? Well, baldness at an early age. It could make you look older than your age. Luckily there are POLY medical-led light therapies. It has been proven in studies that the therapy improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia. It can’t be any better.

4. Improves Skin Complexion And Creates New Collagen To Diminish Wrinkles

Goodbye acne, more especially you, wrinkles. Say goodbye to those impurities in your skin. Poly medical light therapy solves that problem.

5. Helps Diminish Scars

Since the therapy promotes healing in the skin, it helps diminish scars that we thought would be forever in our skins. 

6. It’s Painless

We could never ask for anything more. Imagine the pain of traditional pimple picking operations used by dermatologists. No more blanket clinching for that beauty that you’ve always been dreaming of.

Is it a Complicated Process?

POLY Medical Light Therapy is not a complicated process. It usually just takes less than an hour, inclusive of the preparation time. You need to follow the aesthetician’s instructions, relax under the POLY, and you’ll just know you’re done with the therapy. It’s just like spending time at the spa. So, bring your friends and loved ones along and try one. It’s a fun and relaxing way to get rid of impurities in your skin. I would highly suggest FormaMedical and check out the other services that they offer.

Speaking of FormaMedical, they offer two types of POLY Medical Light Therapies. POLY Red Light Therapy and POLY Blue Light Therapy. What are the differences? Read the article to find out more:

POLY Red Light Therapy

POLY Red Light Therapy involves the emission of anti-aging, red-light wavelengths through the skin, which then stimulates cellular rejuvenation while increasing blood flow, stimulates collagen and elastin. It stimulates the skin by reaching out to mitochondria. Once it reaches the mitochondria, it activates and then tells the skin to firm, tighten, reduce redness, smooth, and in short, improve the overall appearance of the skin.

POLY Blue Light Therapy

This therapy involves the emission of anti-inflammatory blue-light wavelengths through the skin, reducing Propionibacterium Acne found in the oil glands. Hence, the reduction of acne. It is used to target areas that are prone to acne. Alongside photodynamic therapy – applying an agent on the affected skin, which helps in the reduction of skin acne, is a highly effective way of getting rid of acne. 

These two therapies are truly a must-try. I remember my experience with the dermatologist wherein they use the traditional incision and drainage and even diamond peel. It was one of the most unforgettable nightmares of being a teenager back then. And then after the visit to the dermatologists, you’ll have to get exposed to pollution with your pores open. Yikes! Compared to this therapy, it truly is way beyond compare. You’ll just have to chill, wait for the timer, follow the aesthetician’s instructions, and you’re good to go. You are about to obtain that smooth, flawless, and young-looking skin that you have been dreaming of. You can try out FormaMedical. Check out their site and set an appointment for a POLY Medical Led Light Therapy experience.

There are more benefits that Poly Light Therapy offers. It is also being developed and innovated to be used in the reduction of side effects of cancer treatments, including oral mucositis. We hope that scientists, researchers, and experts continue to discover solutions for problems that cannot be solved in the past. Researchers and scientists continue to unveil the possibilities of POLY Light Therapy.


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